Pedrali Stools

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  1. Brera stool 382

    Brera stool 382

    Chair with solid oak structure, seat and back in honeycomb wood. Bleached oak or wenge stained finish. Learn More
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  2. Happy stool 490

    Happy stool 490

    Happy stool of Pedrali in polypropylene. Learn More
    (Incl. Tax )

  3. Malmo 232 stool Pedrali

    Malmo 232 stool

    Malmo stool in natural or stained ash wood. Learn More
    (Incl. Tax )

  4. Kuadra stool 1112 Pedrali

    Kuadra stool 1112

    Stool with chromed frame and technopolymer shell. Learn More
    (Incl. Tax )

  5. Gliss stool 902 Pedrali

    Gliss stool 902

    Gliss stool with steel rod frame and polycarbonate shell. Learn More
    (Incl. Tax )

  6. Arod stool 570 Pedrali

    Arod 570 stool

    570 Arad stool, swivel and height-adjustable by Pedrali Learn More
    (Incl. Tax )

  7. Arod stool 500 Pedrali

    Arod stool 500

    Arod stool with structure in steel tube and seat in various colors or chromed. Learn More
    (Incl. Tax )

  8. Happy stool 491 Pedrali

    Happy stool 491

    Happy Stool by Pedrali in polypropylene. Learn More
    (Incl. Tax )

  9. Young stool 420 Pedrali

    Young stool 426

    Wooden stool, lightweight and solid at the same time. Learn More
    (Incl. Tax )

  10. Rubik Stool

    Rubik Stool

    Rubik barstool in three heights, stackable and suitable for outdoor use. Learn More
    (Incl. Tax )

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The Pedrali stools, available in various colors, have the characteristic of being made with innovative materials, such as the
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