Tables and coffee tables

The outdoor table, together with all the other element of furniture dedicated to the outdoor spaces, have seen an constantly increase of their importance in the last periods, both there have been introduced in this sector innovative materials, that lend themselves excellently to this kind of projects, and because the desire to enhance at best the exterior is becoming increasingly popular, as evidenced by the fact that the interior design experts are focusing always more frequently on those solutions.

Many interesting news in the world of garden furniture

The outdoor tables contribute decisively to make more comfortable and aesthetically more captivating an outdoor space; this furniture elements allow to live in the garden or in any other outdoor space as you could definitely do without them.
As mentioned, the last few years have been very rich in news as regards the furniture of outdoor spaces, therefore who is interested in the purchase of outdoor tables can enjoy the opportunity of extremely varied choice, linked by a good quality realization.

Materials increasingly resistant to external agents

The most recent improvements, that have been registered in the variegated world of the outdoor tables and furniture for the garden, have focused mainly on their resistance: the outdoor furnitures, in fact being constantly exposed to the sunlight arduous nature, at very high or very low temperatures and to any kind of external agent, tended in the past to discolour or loose their original beauty, consequently the manufacturers of this sector have been focused above all on the identification of new materials suitable for such use.

The timeless charm of wood

Among the most used materials for what concerns the realization of outdoor tables, there is first the wood; there could not be a better choice, moreover, for a table to place in a green garden.
Wood is definitely synonymous of nature, and it is at the same time a solid and resistant material, perfect for the use of this type; it is possibile with minimal care to recreate in a garden or in any other outdoor space a warm an attractive rustic style.
For these realization, it has been used many types of wood and one of the most popular is certainly represented by the teak,a solid sturdy wood, that is not affected by exposure to weather.

A very special material: the rattan

If we talk about outdoor tables, also, you can not refer to rattan, a modern material that reveals very perfect for this type of projects.
The rattan is a material coming from the working of different types of palm trees, characterized by a great resistance.
In addition to preserve over time impeccably also when constantly exposed to external agents, the rattan gives an aesthetic effect of first level: the furnitures made of this material, in fact, have an intriguing and elaborated woven structure, stylistically very similar to that in wicker, but even more solid and durable.
The outdoor table in rattan are ideal so in modern contexts as in those more classic ones, and can be easily combined with chairs, sofas and other elements of furniture produced in the same material.

Other excellent materials for the outdoor tables

Also the wrought iron is a material largely used for the creation of these furnitures, being resistant and showing off a bold and determinate style, typically contemporary.
Among other materials widely used for the realization of outdoor furnitures, there are even the stainless steel, real icon of robustness and solidity, the polypropylene, entirely made of recyclable resin, and also the glass, especially of tempered type, which reveals very resistant to temperature changes, sunlight and to any other external agent.

Styles and sizes for every need

As regards the styles, it is clear that the possibilities of choice are vast: the garden tables range form the most rustic and traditional designs, such as those of models in solid wood and typically rustic, to the more contemporary, such as those with linear, geometric and minimal structure.
Also as regards the sizes, the available outdoor tables can satisfy every need: both those who are looking for very compact models, maybe to place on a balcony or on a terrace by limited space, and those who need tables that can accommodate a large number of people, the possibilities are endless.
For the exterior, however, you can also choose extendable tables, so models which have structures and mechanism, that allow to easily modify their size on the basis of the needs of the moment: it takes just few steps and few seconds to completely change the furniture arrangement.

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